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Catalyst is our digital platform that allows us to optimize insights and results by overcoming the hurdles associated with traditional advisory boards. This tool facilitates asynchronous advisory board meetings that are:


Our asynchronous approach facilitates both broad national interactions, as well as more focused regional meetings, where a multidisciplinary advisory board can feel engaged and more forthcoming about their opinions and insights.


Faster dissemination of insights and data and the ability to quickly update content, when needed, ensures relevance.


Deeper insights are obtained by ensuring that you hear from all physicians, not just a few who may dominate conversations.


By allowing physicians to provide input at their convenience, Catalyst improves the quantity and quality of insights received, facilitates greater engagement, and enhances relationships with Thought Leaders.


Reduces the number of in-person meetings while increasing touch-points with your Thought Leaders. This saves time and money, and improves opportunities to rapidly identify unmet needs.